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Yuula Benivuula's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Yuula Benivuula

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[04 May 2011|02:01am]
Everything will always look and feel similar, admit it, accept it, don't fight it.
Clare Samuel, 2008. Why was my face so skeletal?! Why didn't anyone tell me?!?
Meera Margaret Singh, Harbinger, 2007-2010
Meera Margaret Singh, Harbinger, 2007-2010
Clare Samuel, It Is Still, 2008
Jusepe de Ribera
Jusepe de Ribera
Kazuo Ohno
I hate to admit it but I don't think any of us can afford to feel possessive of ideas anymore. It's unproductive and makes us waste too much time on unnecessary anger and jealousy. I used to get so riled up over "intellectual theft" which sometimes could be as simple as coincidental (or not!!) aesthetic/conceptual similarities within a small group of people. The truth is, when I see someone using my ideas in a different context I get worried that they will do a better job at it than I ever can. That my ideas will become theirs. And vice versa - everyone's constantly tiptoeing around each other's work, like we're all so brilliant and original, as if! "Authenticity" is sort of a joke. We're bound to steal from others if we work in close proximity to each other. I've done it, most everyone I know has done it. There is one catch though: you should at least try to make it "your own" and be able to back it up. Otherwise you're just a thief. Which is OK, if that's what you're into.
I'm going to completely ignore the news, listen to some Tchaikovsky, run up the mountain and back, paint.
Please stop telling me to vote today, voting only feels right if you have someone to vote for. Also, I find millions of people cheering about one person's death like it's some sort of a milestone awful and disturbing. That being said, you should check out Sohaib Athar's twitter (link). So far it's the only report that I feel is significant. To imagine a situation like that - and how ubiquitous it is -you hear commotion in the middle of the night and pass it off as probably nothing serious while in reality it is a terrible and sneaky violence and it's occurring right next door: that really scares me. FYI: the other night in my dream Osama wrote me a love poem and now he's dead. I should have transcribed it and sold it on ebay.
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[01 May 2011|09:20pm]
I haven't been using this place for months, this is where I blog now:

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[16 Sep 2010|11:38am]

I am a ghost in my studio. Or a stern mother (ew).
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[22 May 2010|02:31am]

WILL MUNRO 1975- 2010
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[20 May 2010|09:03pm]

Cut my hair for the summer. Moving back to the island. Other than that nothing new.
I want to have a baby.
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[29 Mar 2010|07:57pm]

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[24 Mar 2010|10:51pm]

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Hi. [12 Mar 2010|02:01pm]
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Hi. [09 Mar 2010|02:03pm]

  • Where would one buy a decent bike in Toronto? Please advise! #

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[24 Feb 2010|12:00pm]
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l. cohen [22 Feb 2010|04:30pm]
Frankie Lane, he was singing Jezebel
I pinned an Iron Cross to my lapel
I walked up to the tallest and the blondest girl
I said, Look, you don't know me now but very soon you will
So won't you let me see
I said "won't you let me see"
I said "won't you let me see
Your naked body?"

Just dance me to the dark side of the gym
Chances are I'll let you do most anything
I know you're hungry, I can hear it in your voice
And there are many parts of me to touch, you have your choice
Ah but no you cannot see
She said "no you cannot see"
She said "no you cannot see
My naked body"

So We're dancing close, the band is playing Stardust
Balloons and paper streamers floating down on us
She says, You've got a minute left to fall in love
In solemn moments such as this I have put my trust
And all my faith to see
I said all my faith to see
I said all my faith to see
Her naked body
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Hi. [22 Feb 2010|02:01pm]

  • So slide over here and give me a moment
    Your moves are so raw, I've got to let you know
    I've got to let you know
    You're one of my kind #

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Hi. [21 Feb 2010|02:01pm]

  • forget you. #

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Hi. [20 Feb 2010|02:01pm]

  • is a MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #

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[19 Feb 2010|12:44am]
Tomorrow I am defending my thesis. 4pm.
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[17 Feb 2010|02:07pm]
The Wanderer

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[15 Feb 2010|10:21am]
from now on - daily writing exercises that aren't my blog
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Hi. [11 Feb 2010|02:01pm]
  • what the hell is googlebuzz! what's this new facebook layout?! i leave the internet for two days and it's all different. #
  • this must be how our parents feel. #
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Hi. [09 Feb 2010|02:02pm]

  • I pretty much owe my life to Scott C and Thomas K, no joke. #

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Hi. [08 Feb 2010|02:02pm]
  • in heaven everything is fine #
  • downloaded everything by the pixies last night. the chromira died again. FUCK MY LIFE, big time. #
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